Reaching Your Audience Should be Easy

You’ve already spent months, maybe even years, writing and polishing your story. You’ve queried agents and editors, or tackled self-publishing head on. You’ve spent hours pouring over editorial letters and second and third revisions, and now it’s finally here–that beautiful book with your name on it.

This should be the easy part. The part where you get to sit back, marvel at all you have accomplished, and wait for your new life as a published author to begin.

Instead, you’re here. Digging through website after website telling you how to sell a book, grow an audience, and build a platform. Because writers aren’t allowed to just be writers anymore–they have to be marketers, too. And the longer your to-do list grows, the more you come to realize…

You don’t want to be a marketer. You just want to write. And maybe chat with librarians, or lead workshops, or sell a critique or two. You don’t want to be a marketer. You want someone else to do that for you.

Hi, I'm Leah Elizabeth.

Storyteller turned Copywriter.

Three-year-old me started popping stories out on Storybook Weaver and never looked back, riding that wave all the way through an MFA from Hamline University. Writing is my first love and always will be.

But somewhere around my second semester of grad school, before I even had a completed manuscript, I started panicking about author marketing.

How was I ever going to make money (because dude, we can talk about the art all we want, but a girl’s still got to eat) if I couldn’t sell my skills and my stories?

So after graduation, I set out to learn. From Marie Forleo’s B-School to courses by industry professionals like Jenna Kutcher and Eden Fried, I’ve spent the last six years studying how to reach, grow, and sell to an online audience.

Now, I combine my two passions by helping writers like you reach their audiences–easily.

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